Can I delete a workplace? Can deleted workplace be recovered?

Would you like to delete your trial workplace and start anew?
Can I recover a deleted workplace?

These are the two common questions users ask about deleting workplaces. Well, typically, if you created a workplace, you become the owner of the workplace by default, and unless the ownership is transferred, you can delete the workplace if you want.


Once you delete a workplace, all the files and data pertained within will be gone for good, and the process is irreversible. Therefore, we strongly recommend you back up all necessary files before performing this move.

Workplace Deletion
Plan:All plans
Permission:MemberWorkplace adminWorkplace owner
  1. Enter the workplace you’d like to delete.
  2. Enter the Workplace Settings.
  3. Select Delete Workplace.
  4. Enter the confirmation code.
  5. Delete.
  6. Upon workplace deletion, all members are removed from the workplace and entering the WorkDo Network.
  7. You can create a new workplace or join other workplaces as you see fit.


  • A company email domain is recognized by the company name followed by the @ sign in the email address (ex. Most company email domains are paid services, however, there are exceptions that even Google’s is used as a company email domain. So please check with your IT staff before registration.
  • You can only create one workplace using the same company email domain.
  • If the workplace owner did not transfer the ownership to another user before leaving the workplace, then you have no way of deleting the workplace on your own. You may contact us for assistance should this be your case.
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