WorkDo 2.9 introduces new enhancements!

WorkDo made some important improvements in the 2.9 version. Upgrade today!

1. Function
★ Email sign-up available!
In addition to signing up using mobile number, Facebook, Google or WeChat (mobile version), you can now sign up to WorkDo using email address!
WorkDo Web Sign Up with Email

★ Calendar view for your personal monthly clock-in stats in Attendance
The calendar view makes it easier to see your monthly stats at a glance. Moreover, you can post clock or appeal directly from the calendar.

★ Quick Start──Get to know us quickly!
On your mobile device, in More, click 
Quick Start.

2. User-Interface
★ Chat list now has two tabs in which you can create new chats by clicking the top right + New Chat button
★ Enhanced Do button on Workplace page

Google Play (Android):WorkDo 2.9.11 and above
App Store (iOS):WorkDo 2.9.11 and above

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2 thoughts on “WorkDo 2.9 introduces new enhancements!

  • Hello,

    I can’t use WorkDo on my Xiaomi MI Para 3 with MIUI 8 based on Android 6.01.

    It says on play store that the device is incompatible.



    • Hi,

      Thank you for supporting WorkDo.

      We do support your device, please try again and if you still can’t download, please email us at

      Thank you.

      Have a nice day!

      Best regards,
      BuddyDo Team

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