Billing information update.

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If for any reason, you would like to change the billing information, please follow the instructions below to update it, so long you are a workplace admin.

Billing Information Update
Plan:All plans
Permission:MemberWorkplace admin
Interface:Android AppWeb


  1. Enter the Workplace Settings.
  2. Enter Billing Info.
    • Android App │ Click Billing Info under Payment.
    • Web │ Click Payment under Advanced, then click Billing Info.
  3. Click Add to add the billing information or Edit to update the billing information ( * Must be filled).
    • Company Name
    • Address │ Including Country, State, City and ZIP code.
    • Contact Info │ Leave a contact’s information in case we need to contact this person for billing related issues.
  4. Press Confirm to finish updating the billing information.


  • The billing information cannot be updated using iPhone, if you are an iPhone user, please use the web version to update it.
  • Any changes made to the billing information will be reflected on the next payment date.
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