What is All Upcoming on the bottom of the workplace list?

The Dashboard is great for showing your to-do list and all, but if you have multiple workplaces, it would be a hassle for you to enter a workplace to check the Dashboard and switch to another to do the same thing all over again.

Shouldn’t there be a quicker way for this? Well, guess what! This is exactly what the All Upcoming is for!

Because your Private Space, WorkDo Network and each workplace are independent, therefore, typically, you would need to switch to each workplace’s Dashboard to get a glimpse of your to-do list, but that’s not the case now that there’s All Upcoming you can use!

All Upcoming puts all your upcoming events and to-do lists from all domains into one place, so you can conveniently bring it up and immediately get the full picture of what your schedule looks like.

View All Upcoming
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users


  • Click the icon on the upper-left-hand corner to bring up your workplace list.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select All Upcoming.
  • Use the tab to switch between Today’s upcoming items and Next 7 days’.
  • Select an item to view its detail.


  • All upcoming consists of a person’s due tasks and events from the collaboration tools, as such, each individual’s upcoming items are unique and different from other users.
  • The web version has an Overdue tab which is absent in the app version.
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